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August 12. 2008



NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Carbon Jungle, Inc. (Pink Sheets:CBJG) announces its acquisition of the Waste-to-Fuel Company "Cobal USA Alternative Fuels, LLC" as a wholly owned subsidiary (

8:45 ET August 12, 2008 (Business Wire)

Petr Lisa, President and CEO of Cobal USA Alternative Fuels, LLC stated, "This is a great day for Cobal-USA joining the Carbon Jungle team. We are now one step closer to eliminating our dependency on foreign oil." Mr. Lisa further stated, "We are a perfect fit with Carbon Jungle's long standing commitment of being environmentally conscious. Together, we create a perfect synergy."

Cobal-USA Alternative Fuels, LLC was founded in part by Jorge Reyes, Director of Research and Development of Cobal Chile (Combustibles Alternativos Chile SA.) and Petr Lisa, President and CEO of IPSG (International Plasma Sales Group, LLC) for the purpose of promoting, developing, and implementing new technologies that will produce synthetic fuels as an alternative to fossil fuel. The fuels created will NOT be derived from food crops.

Cobal Chile has already announced a $200.000.000 USD investment to install a plant in Santiago, Chile that will produce more than 23 million gallons of either an alcohol or a synthetic diesel using MSW (municipal solid waste) as the primary feedstock.

Cobal USA Alternative Fuels, LLC maintains Carbon Jungle's mission of green integrity and seeks renewable waste feedstock that is not food related. Waste feedstock volumes range from 40 tons dry base to larger volumes of thousands of tons per day. The feedstock can be municipal solid waste, agricultural refuse, forest biomass, and all carbon bearing solids like coal, rubber, and plastics.

Cobal USA Alternative Fuels, LLC selects the appropriate technology for a specific feedstock and prepares projects to be implemented close to the renewable material generator. Ultimately, this will have a positive impact on the environment by transforming biomass and waste into fuels. Management believes the benefits of these fuels to be significant as they will create jobs in local economies and lessen the dependency on foreign oil.

About Carbon Jungle, Inc.

Carbon Jungle, Inc. (beta site ( is a California-based company quoted on the Pink Sheets: CBJG.PK. Carbon Jungle's mission is to help relieve the stresses that the human race has placed on its global ecosystem. The company owns land in Cambodia used to plant hundreds of thousands of CO2 absorbing Teak Trees, and has invested in the spiritual docudrama Feature Film "Living Luminaries"

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SOURCE: Carbon Jungle, Inc.

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